Saturday, July 12, 2008

02S6B Family!

Hi Class!!! Remember our previous class gatherings??? You dont? Let me refresh that memory of yours...

Class Gathering 2005, Vic's Place

Class Gathering 2006, Aparna's Place

Sadly, there wasnt a 2007 one... :(

But!!!! This year, we managed to get one out!!! I was catapulted into a hypomanic state after the class gathering... lol. Havent enjoyed myself with you guys for such a long time!!!!....

Class Gathering 2008, Shamantha's Place

Its been 1 week since our gathering!! So fast right? Time really flies when everyone is sooo busy and caught up with their work.
Anyway, Im very happy and glad that most of you guys could turn up for our uber class gathering!!! The turnout was fantabulous! Nothing can make the organisers happier than to see you guys there! Thanks for taking the time off and blocking your schedules for this special day!!! Its really great to see all of you again. So much has changed. Girls getting prettier, Guys hopefully getting more handsome... haha.. ppl getting attached left right and centre, some started working, some new specs, new hairstyle, new skintone (esp shamantha), .... soon we shall see who is the 1st one to get married and to bring their little bundles of joy to show the class!!! lol. The future seems bright! Im glad everyone is doing very well. All healthy and enjoying life! Be sure to start collecting your stories now to share with the class on our next gathering!

Thank you Shamantha for giving us a venue to hold the gathering, plus your KTV system is damn cool!!!! I'm sure all of us enjoyed it!!! I would never have imagined the day we saw TMM and YYC sing songs other than the national anthem or the school song.

Thanks Diana for spearheading the gathering to gain enough momentum for it to materialise..
And last but not the least, thanks class for making it all happen!!
Your class committee 2008, PE Rep, Victor!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hi class... this place is all quiet again... what's everyone doing? Exams are over already, so no excuse to not pen something down here.. haha.

Its almost been 3 weeks down under and so far it has been quite enjoyable. Elecive-cum-holiday mood. Melbourne is a rather nice cosmopolitan city with alot of vibrancy. The weather has been cold but a nice cool contrast to what Spore is experiencing now i suppose. Other than work on the weekdays, weekends have been spectacularly good. Went to tour a few places with my meddie friends...

First on the list was the famous Great Ocean Road. Went to a number of sites along the way. Visited the 12 Apostles in all its spectacular glory. Remember we studied so much about in physical Geog. Finally got see them with my own eyes. Also went to see another rock formation called "london Bridge"... I suppose i will post more photos up when i have time.

Along the way to those rocky stony formations along the sea, we stopped over to see some koalas and to feed some of these colourful birds that will come right down to your hand to feed of the seeds you've got. A number just stood on the top of my head and on my shoulder... haha. The birds are beautiful and tame. Theraputic experience! haha

This is a photo we took at the Crown Entertainment Centre in Melbourne's South Bank of the Yarra River. This is the fire show that happens every top of hour and last for about a full 5 to 10 mins each time, with large burst of fire columns of different strength and different permutations lighting up the southern bank of the river. You can really feel the heat from columns from where the people in the picture are standing. Rumour has it that there have been reports of Roasted Pigeons falling from the sky coz of these flames! haha. But its a novelty i must say, and tourist and locals alike love to watch it. Since it occurs every hour, you will definitely catch it sooner or later.

This photo was taken at Mackenzie Falls when I took a tour to the Great Grampian mountain ranges on the 2nd sunday in Melbourne. It was freezing as I can remember it. Well, not subzero temperature by the looks of what im wearing, but enough to make your fingers go cyanosed and numb. It was a beautiful sight to behold. (NO not my blue frozen fingers, but the scenery of the falls.) On the way there was nothing but hectares and acres of farmland dotted with assorted sheep and cows happily chilling out as they feed on the lush green fields that surround them. The Vineyards were also nice to see... Grapes growing on the vines... and waiting to be plucked for squashing into one of Australia's finest wines...

Okay... enough of an update here. As you can see, i never updated abt work. hahaa. Nope, not here at least.

Take care everyone! I hope to see more posts and updates! For all those that are perpetually online 24/7... do drop a note here k? no excuse!!! Exams over! hahaaa... Sian, Year 5 starts in Late june.... ARghh... nooooooooooooooo. And diana, whats the update with regards to our MEGA class gathering???? haha

Cheers my friends!

Friday, May 16, 2008


hello everyone! greetings from moshi, tanzania! hope everyone is doing fine in singapore. has mas selamat been found yet? haha.i'm currently doing my 4th month elective posting in Kibosho district hospital, in the little town of kibosho. getting here took a really long time, via plane to the really dusty dar es salaam, a very long and interesting bus ride to the main town of moshi, and a bumpy car ride up to the hospital. i'm currently staying at my mentor's house, with his wife and 3 other medicine friends. the weather here is very unlike africa, like it can get to as low as 12 degrees at night here, complete with strong and chilly winds. on good days, we can see mount kilimanjaro in its full magnificient glory. its really really beautiful, words can't describe it. will post a picture up when i can! medicine wise, there are a lot of differences, especially in terms of work ethics, hospital facilities, types of common diseases seen etc etc.
oops time is running out! will type more next time take care guys!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Final notes

Hi guys and girls!!

Its your PE WRAP (coined by Han Wei) again! Well, its less than 24 hrs before I leave Singapore again for my Ortho Elective down-under. Will be in Melbourne for 1 month and Perth for 1 week. Will be back on the 8th of June~. Its going to be cold there... Will try to update when i can, and if i can! Hope the Medical student quarters have internet access.

Take care peeps! To all those ppl taking exams, all the best! To those that have finished their silly FYP, Welldone!!! its finally over!.. and to Diana, remember to organise class gathering ah!!! Take care peeps!

LAST but not least,... May i wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE MAY BABIES!!!! hehe.. May babies rule!!! Taureans!


PE Wrap... Victor.

Monday, April 28, 2008

exam break

Hi guys! i just finished two exams and decided that i need a short little break and so i thought this is the best time to post a little something here.
Really glad that we have this blog here. :) great way to catch up with everyone, though i haven't read all the postings..haha.. anywayz... i think i might be able to offer my house for this upcoming gathering! hehe... what are we looking at? catered food? bbq? :)
just a little update about myself.. i am still in my 4th year, and won't graduate till december... Response 1: Yay! that means i still get my long holidays! Response 2: sigh..i am not looking forward to more exams and writing my thesis. :(
I took a module on the Sociology of life course and ageing this semester and might continue doing a thesis on that. Maybe on people's perception of death and dying in Singapore and ethnicity or something. But as just a point of reflection, Singapore is really ageing. I didn't really care that much till i took the module and i started to realise that my parents are also ageing..and are now considered senior citizens! And i am also wondering what people do after retirement. Won't it be so boring? Especially since our life expectancy is now between 76 and 80 and even more! How do people ensure their financial security too? what do you guys think? oh and did you know that Japan has the most number of centurians in the world? hehz... well... ok..i shan't brood on this topic so much for now..haha lest i bore people... but really, time flies by so fast! i can't believe we are all in our twenty-somethings already and friends are starting to get engaged and be married! Speaking of which, anyone here going to tie the strings anytime in the next year or two? hehe
ANyway, i'm going to go to China May-June for a long holiday. Do you guys need anything from there? hehz.. first come first serve!
oh ya..jus another thing i learnt from one of my older friend from America and i thought it'd be nice to share with everyone. We were talking about networking and keeping in touch with people. And he was suggesting a kind of a system like outlook that helps you contain all the permanent contact and information of individuals, categorised accordingly to help you keep track of who you know and to remind yourself to constantly keep in touch with them. In our world today, knowing people and having connections brings you to places! :) I have friends' contacts all over the place..and yeah, i will probably have to do some cleaning up this summer hols.. if you haven't done so, you might want to start doing so, start early! :)
hmmm...another thing that popped to mind was the fact that Singapore is going to have the youth olympics in 2010. And you know how you always hear about other people leveraging on events like this to either make some money or just to help out in a meangingful way? anyone wants to volunteer to help out with the 2010 thingy or to think of some innovative services that people might want then? We could all be young entrepreneurs for that event or just have fun! :)
okie dokie..these are the thoughts i have for now.. i'm going to end off and hit the books again.. *groan*

Good luck everyone with exams! :) Take care! And for those going away, have fun and enjoy yourselves! :)


Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hi mates....

Its that time of the year again... When Exams abound. Here's to all that are tackling their exams... All the best ya? The dark clouds will soon pass.

As a side note, I will be going to Melbourne to do Orthopaedics on the 2nd May for 1 month... Then off to Perth to visit relatives after my elective for a well deserved break. (the domestic flight from Melbourne to Perth is free as part of the Qantas package!!) So during this period refrain from contacting me unless you are Singtel/Starhub/M1's good friend...

Will be back in Sunny Singapore on the 8th of June! Till then take care Everyone!!!!

JL is going to Tanzania on the 3rd of May. So please place your souvenir orders with her. I have already placed my IVORY ash tray orders with her. HAHA. just dont tell World Wildlife Fund.

Okay lah... till then keep this place alive!!

Your PE WRAP! (You better know who I am!)....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finishing this story of yours....

Nobody said that everything in life would be plain-sailing.
Sometimes, little surprises catch us off-guard and we capsize..
Oops. But we shouldn't lose the faith we have in ourselves.
So to those who are finishing this chapter in their life,
hang in there even if times are difficult
and give it your best shot for the coming finals (:
Jia-you and...

And here's a little something to look forward to..
Graduation Portraits!
You people could check out
Seriously, though they are slightly more expensive, their photography skills are really good!
(Oh no, I am not making a commission out of it or something, I just happened to have taken there before and was a satisfied customer!)

And hmm... I agree we should have a Class Gathering soon.
Even if we can't source for anyone's home, we could still meet for a good meal outside somewhere.

Take care everyone!
melvyn (: